Saturday, December 19, 2009

Key Fobs

I love these things!  I used this tutorial over at the idea room to make key fobs for gifts.  The inside is cotton and the outside is brocade. I added two inches to the length of the cut fabric as suggested to fit around the wrist (Total size cut:  2 3/4 inches by 13 inches).  The top green one is 14 inches in length to give a little extra room for large wrists.  The tutorial reads for the interfacing to be 1 inch in width - I also shaved this down about 1/8 inch to make sure it didn't accidentally peak out.

Using the brocade fabric was the hardest part.  It was so slippery, I could barely get the interfacing to stick, and I ended up with some singed fabric trying.  I used lots of pins!  My machine HATED me for the final two line stitches across the ribbon, but it chugged along.

I hoped the recipients liked them.  I was very nervous making them and trying not to screw up!

(These are much shinier than the picture shows!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Burp Cloths

My friend is having a baby, so I'm practicing on her.  I followed the very simple Diaper Burp Cloth Tutorial at Chickpea Sewing Studio.  I ended up making 10 of these things!

Tada!  They look so nice in a stack!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Second Sewing Attempt

Little Boxy Pouch!  My new sewing machine gives you this little bag to shove everything that comes with it into.  Obviously it doesn't fit, so I made the Little Boxy Pouch by three bears.  I love it!

The changes I made were: added liner, increased the size by a couple inches.

Om nom nom

My First Sewing Attempt

I decided making a cover for my Nintendo DS would be easy. The instructor I had at my basic sewing class warned us new people to never attempt sewing without a pattern... but it came out ok!

My first attempt I used crappy cotton cloth, added some light interfacing, and used fleece inside. I estimated the sizes, cut the fabric, and sewed it all together. It looks like this:

The seams don't match up, but I could live with that flaw -- what I couldn't stand was how awful the fabric quality was. It was a fat quarter from JoAnns, and I'm never buying them again.

My second try, ended up like this:

This time I used home dec fabric with fleece as liner. It's much much better and fits my DS perfectly. (It does fit entirely inside the sleeve)


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