Saturday, July 24, 2010

Union Jack and Trinidad Passport Covers

Union Jack and Trinidad Passport Covers

My friends husband from the UK asked me for a passport cover with the Union Jack on it.  I figured it wouldn't be that hard so I pulled up Photoshop and started measuring.  TIL: The red diagonal lines are not even!!  That threw a little kink in my plans.  So I figured out the measurements for the most part, cut everything, crossed my fingers, and started sewing.

I made two passport covers because my husband was like "Oh! You make him one and not me!" once I got done with the first one. So poof! Out came a Trinidad one.
The flags images I started with:

Here's a quick photo shoot of my process for each one:

Union Jack and Trinidad Passport Covers

Union Jack and Trinidad Passport Covers
I love these things! The left one has reached it's destination in time for their vacation to the UK in a couple of weeks!
Union Jack and Trinidad Passport Covers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amy Butler August Fields Duvet

As soon as I saw the August Fields Duvet on Amy Butler's site (free pattern & pdf) I wanted to make it! :)  And here it is courtesy of my husband in his favorite Vibram Five Finger Shoes that have been permanently attached to his feet.  I love it so much!  This is by far the biggest project I have took on and is really (way to) heavy.

 I used the pattern for the queen sized duvet sized at 86" x 90".  It suggests to use 19 different home dec prints, but mine has only 15 and I think it worked well.

I also hate ties and buttons on duvets because they allow chunks of my comforter to fall out in between the gaps... so I ordered a massive supply of white zipper tape from ebay and used about 4 feet of it on the bottom for a closure.
Ooom nom nom. I love zippers!

If anyone decides to make this pattern - don't make my mistake.  I followed the directions and made the back of the duvet too.  This is what would have been attached to the back.  It's all home dec fabric too.  Once I got the top layer pieced, that was heavy enough as it is.  If I would have attached this to the front I wouldn't be able to lift it let alone sleep under it. (and yes, I read Twilight)

Now I have this piece just sitting there and I have no idea what to make it into.  Suggestions?  Maybe a picnic blanket for all those picnics I don't go on because I live in a desert?

Instead, I lined the back with a queen sized sheet in aqua. I'm so glad I did. I like the weight of the duvet now but my husband hates it and won't admit it because I know he doesn't want to hurt my feelings. He wants it to be super light and I don't blame him, this thing is way to hot for the summer :( and we've already replaced with a different one in the meantime.  But this does mean I can buy more fabric and make another lighter one! ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pink Baby Blanket

This blanket was finished just in time to be shipped off to our cousin's little girls 1st birthday!  I hope she likes it!

This is my first quilt EVER.  The cotton squares are mixed with light pink dot minky to match and stitched in the ditch. Sewing with minky was a brand new experience that will never be repeated in a pieced blanket.  I kept a can of air next to my machine and had to blow out the bobbin area often and crossed my fingers that the fabric wouldn't move.  My seams matched up pretty well.. I only had to rip out a few and redo.  I pinned like crazy... pinning on either side of a seam helped a lot.

A huge reminder for me next time - re-read measurements!!!  Binding is 2 1/2"... not 2".  This was my first time making bias binding using the tube method.  It looked confusing in some of the tutorials, but I was wrong.  It was so easy.  My biggest problem is I get bored fast trying to cut all 200+ inches of it.
I just had a whole stack of fabric come in the mail today... and I think I have my next quilt lined up assuming I can decide on a style...  :)

Pink Baby Blanket

Pink Baby Blanket

I basted it together with spray. How in the world do people have the patience for pinning?!? Am I missing a secret to it?
Pink Baby Blanket

Pink Baby Blanket

Pink Baby Blanket

The finished quilt measures about 50"x50".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Favorite Fabrics

Amy Butler's Paradise Wine is one of my favorites right now.  I bought a bunch and I still have no idea what i'm going to do with it... but first on my list were pillows just so I can stare at it more.  It will end up in a quilt someday... as soon as I can figure out a pattern that I like.  I've been thinking about a New Wave quilt or a Tumbler.... still not sure and I still have to purchase the rest of the fabrics I'd like in it to keep with a 'red' theme.

The Andrea Victoria collection by My Minds Eye is also amazing.  I snatched these up the second I saw them.  I was lucky enough to get them when I did because they sold out the next day.  I'm in a big turquoise mode... and red.. and turquoise and red together.  Someday I will have a craft room that will hopefully be as creative as hers: Crafty Intentions Craftroom.

I think the New Wave Quilt would look great in this fabric with white sashing.  I'm just waiting for the white kona to finally go on sale.  I've already got the Darlene Zimmerman's "Fat Cats" ruler as suggested on Oh, Fransson!'s blog.

Andrea Victoria by My Minds Eye

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Love Totes!

This bag turned out to so perfect!  The bag size is perfect, the strap lengths are perfect....  I used the super simple Market Bag tutorial over at Film in the Fridge.  (She's got some really sweet quilts over there too)  I also added a pocket to one side and a zipper to the other... because I just love zippers.  I'm totally carrying this thing everywhere....

Om nom nom nom...
The outside fabric is Amy Butler's Full Bloom in Coral (Home Dec) and the inside is brown twill.


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