Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amy Butler August Fields Duvet

As soon as I saw the August Fields Duvet on Amy Butler's site (free pattern & pdf) I wanted to make it! :)  And here it is courtesy of my husband in his favorite Vibram Five Finger Shoes that have been permanently attached to his feet.  I love it so much!  This is by far the biggest project I have took on and is really (way to) heavy.

 I used the pattern for the queen sized duvet sized at 86" x 90".  It suggests to use 19 different home dec prints, but mine has only 15 and I think it worked well.

I also hate ties and buttons on duvets because they allow chunks of my comforter to fall out in between the gaps... so I ordered a massive supply of white zipper tape from ebay and used about 4 feet of it on the bottom for a closure.
Ooom nom nom. I love zippers!

If anyone decides to make this pattern - don't make my mistake.  I followed the directions and made the back of the duvet too.  This is what would have been attached to the back.  It's all home dec fabric too.  Once I got the top layer pieced, that was heavy enough as it is.  If I would have attached this to the front I wouldn't be able to lift it let alone sleep under it. (and yes, I read Twilight)

Now I have this piece just sitting there and I have no idea what to make it into.  Suggestions?  Maybe a picnic blanket for all those picnics I don't go on because I live in a desert?

Instead, I lined the back with a queen sized sheet in aqua. I'm so glad I did. I like the weight of the duvet now but my husband hates it and won't admit it because I know he doesn't want to hurt my feelings. He wants it to be super light and I don't blame him, this thing is way to hot for the summer :( and we've already replaced with a different one in the meantime.  But this does mean I can buy more fabric and make another lighter one! ;)


  1. I am so excited to read about someone who made this duvet! I'm dying to try it. I'm wondering how you think you can make it lighter next time if you already replaced the backing with a sheet?

  2. I just plan on making my next duvet with all quilt-weight cotton. I think this current one will work for the colder months. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I've come here via your flickr photo, I have a stack of AB quilt weight and dec weight and a real need for new bedding and was wondering what to use, I thought that the home dec might be too heavy. I had already looked at the pattern and decided that I would not patchwork that too! Hmmm might keep the home dec weight for curtains in our extension (once it's built) and go with the quilting cottons.



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