Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rag Quilt

I thought this would be a fast project.  The cutting of the squares took me a few days (I get bored quick), I sewed them all together in one night... and then the cutting....  I learned never ever do this with out rag quilt scissors.  I bought the Fiskars pair at JoAnns for a whole $10 at 50% off and the rest of it I cut over the course of a few nights while watching tv.  (and my hands didn't hurt!)  I've washed it 3 times so far - fixed a couple of holes where I cut a bit too far in... and here it is!  I do love this blanket but I wish I would have made it a few blocks bigger.  That and the fuzz is still coming off everywhere....

Thank you knitandtonic for your pattern!

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