Thursday, January 6, 2011

Totes, Totes and more Totes....

I love love love these totes! The first one I made I use nearly every day. The following two I made as Christmas gifts!

I followed the same tutorial as last time from Film in the Fridge. However, these are not reversible. As with my first one, I added a skip pocket on one side and a zipper pocket on the other. So technically, it can still be reversed if you want those to show on the outside.

This fabric is Joel Dewberry Ginseng's Orchid in Ivory and it's lined with beige canvas:
Orchid Tote

And then this is Amy Butler's Wood Fern in Gold (Coreopsis in Spruce on the inside)
Wood Fern Tote

This was my test run bag. I am in love with Fashionista Mod Dots! Since I wasn't using home dec fabric.. I interfaced everything. It's... a very stiff bag. I thought the straps might need it, but they really don't. Here's my crappy photo of it:
Mod Dots Tote

The inside is all Kona Cerise and the back of the straps is Kona Raisin. I added a pocket to one side:

Mod Dots Tote
and a zippered pocket to the other:
Mod Dots Tote

This is my other test run bag! There are no pockets so this one is completely reversible. I followed the tutorial exactly on this one:

Amy Butler's Floating Buds in Linen
Geisha Fans Tote

Amy Butler's Geisha Fans in Camel
Geisha Fans Tote

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