Monday, March 14, 2011

Minky Blankets

I love Minky blankets. They're super soft and super quick.  That is... if you like sewing with Minky.  Here's a nice tutorial at iCraft. There are no strict measurements to this blanket, just square up, sew, turn, and topstitch.  This blue one is made from Amy Butler's Pressed Flowers in Turquoise and the back is Tiffany Minky from  It's 30"x36" finished.

I pre-washed the quilting cotton but I did not pre-wash the Minky as it does not shrink.  I cut the cotton down to 30"x36" and left the Minky a little larger and spread both out with the right sides facing.  The extra Minky around the edges will help in case there is shifting.

Then I pinned and pinned and pinned some more!

I used approx 3/8" seam all around the perimeter and left about 8" inches open to allow turning.  I used my walking foot and sewed with the Minky on the bottom.  Then I trimmed the edges down to size:

I turned it right side out and lightly (carefully) ironed the flower fabric around the opening to make the seam even and pinned it down.  I started sewing at that opening and topstiched around the edges using approx 1/4" seam.

And you're done!

What I learned making my first minky blanket:

Sure it looks cute folded up.... but I took the 'no measurements woooo!' very seriously.  There's nothing square about this blanket.  It's like 44"x43"x36"x35"... ish.  I took my scissors and just chopped away while looking at the TV.   I didn't even notice it until after I was done and I attempted to fold it.

Therefore, I learned: Always use a ruler, duh. :)  (and a rotary cutter helps too!)

Next up.  This pink minky-esque fabric was purchased at JoAnns called 'Soft N Comfy'.  It honestly feels nice at the store.. I really thought there was no difference.  As soon as I got the blue Tiffany Minky above I compared the two and holy crap was the Tiffany one softer.  I have it in a purple color too it has the same feel.  I still occasionally walk past the stuff at JoAnns and think 'No, this stuff is completely fine what was I thinking!' and then go home and compare the two again to remind myself.

Therefore, I learned:  Only Minky for me from now on!!

Fabric: Sugar Snap's Lace in Cocoa

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