Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ironing Board Cover

A little while ago I finally got around to making a new cover for this:

I just use a mini-size ironing board so it doesn't require a lot of fabric to recover.  The old one was getting pretty disgusting:

All I did was remove the old cover and use it as a guide to cut the new shape.  I cut about 2" larger around the old one.  I doubled folded the edges and sewed around to make a pocket edge.  Then I used the string from the old one and fed it through the new one. I added a couple layers of warm and natural on top of the old batting - which was still in good shape - to stop it from making squares all over my fabric when I ironed. :)  I yanked the strings tight back over the frame and I was done!

I have all my fabric chopped up for my Love quilt...

...and I've been piecing it all day!  I'm hoping to have it for our Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Thursday, but since it's a queen sized I might not have all of it done in time.  (but I will try!)


  1. My ironing board cover looks just like your old one! Very brave of you to post a pic...LOL. Can't wait to see your next quilt top...get sewing!

  2. Hey, look at that fancy new machine!

    Love the print for the board cover!

  3. Wait. You hope to have this quilt done by our meeting on Thursday? I have been piecing all day on my Single Girl Quilt and I will be lucky if I have the background cut to bring to the meeting?! Either you are lightening fast or I am a super slow seamstress? ;)

  4. Think I'll be missing this month's MQG meeting... sigh! You'll have to post pics!

    My ironing board looked like yours... I caved and bought a new cover 'cuz I was too lazy to make one! : ( Now that I see how cute yours is, I'll have to make one next time around! : )



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