Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Night Sewing

Last night was dinner/sewing/Portal 2 night at our place.  And even though I would have loved to play Portal, the motion sickness factor is pretty much instant in that game for me (boo), so I stuck to sewing and teaching my friend how to make a quick little minky blanket for her daughter.

I really don't think minky is the easiest to sew with as a beginner, but she did great - especially since this is her second time sewing ever!

Here's her finished product!  I added the little strip of text because I'm still having fun trying out the fonts - and she totally loved it :)

(Measures approx 36"x44")

At the April Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we used Elizabeth Hartman's amazing Mod Mosaic tutorial to make blocks. This will eventually be another pillow, but here's what I have so far.  They will all be smushed together after I have enough to make a 22" square.


  1. I had fun at the meeting the other night! Thanks for the lesson....looks like fun at your place...

  2. What a yummy looking blankie!



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