Monday, May 2, 2011

Hand Stitchin' Some Binding

Binding has always made me nervous.  I've never hand stitched... anything.  I'm too impatient for it.  I've always machine stitched my binding... and I have tried a bunch of different methods.  It's still not perfect but they're getting better.  With my small potholder project I decided to take a stab at manually attaching it.

It took me a while to figure out the 'quilter's knot'.  Most of the instructions I ran into were:
  • Step 1: wrap thread around needle
  • Step 2: ????
  • Step 3: profit
I found this little video which finally made sense to me: How to Tie a Quilter's Knot.

I figured out how to start the sewing, and sewing up the corners was easy, but all the tutorials had no instruction on how to finish it!  When I ran out of thread and had no idea what to do.  I found this video and followed it.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  Is there an easier way that I don't know about?  Also my fingers hurt from pushing that stupid needle through. I'm assuming I need a thinner needle - but is there some type of tool that can accomplish this?


This is Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow with Kona Coal, Medium Gray, and Ash.  They measure approximately 7.5" finished.  Inside is a 2 layers of Warm and Natural sandwiched around a piece of bottomweight-canvas.

I wanted to play with the fonts again... so I added a bit to the back.  These are for our friend, Chef Greg, who's response to all cooking related questions no matter how complex is "It's really simple! You just..."


  1. Those look very nice! I don't think I do my binding like that, but as long as it stays down, then I doubt it matters. But it looks very professional! ;-D

  2. Your pot holders look very professional! I am thinking that my mod mosaic effort might wind up as a pot holder...

  3. You know right, there's this thing called a thimble? It's for hand sewing. You know, that thing you said you'd never do :P

  4. A thimble will help :) but also consider using one of those rubber finger tip things. They help you grab the needle and can ease some of the pain on your hands. I use it for my applique and hand work. It's a good all purpose needle with a slightly narrower shank You may want to consider a size 9 or 10. Nicely done, and hope your fingers are feeling better.



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