Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Home For My Tent Stakes

While I was pondering over what to do for my No Prints Allow Kona quilt I became camping season obsessed. I think I bought a whole store.  One of my purchases was a new tent (more like a condo) and heavy duty stakes to go with it.  I don't trust the stakes anywhere near the new tent so I made it into a quick day-project to make a tent stake bag and get my mind off the Kona quilt.

I used Amy Butler home dec fabric lined with fusible fleece.  The interior is left over scraps of a sheet that I also interfaced.  It's super thick and I'm hoping it's enough to not let them poke through and get anywhere near my precious tent.

August Fields Fresh Start in Forest

I plan on this getting dirty so I covered it in Scotchguard.  I'm sure that light interior won't be clean for long, but as long as it holds up then I don't care!

On a side note... we celebrated my husband's birthday!  Check out this Double Chocolate Carmel Cake made by our friend:

One bite of that and you're pretty much done.

And as a quick snack.. he made a vegetable plate.  I think it's adorable just to look at.  He says this is easy, but I couldn't make it look this nice if I tried.

And check out the tulip carrots!

I have been working on quilting projects...  I finished most of my Kona quilt top and I'm in the middle of my Map Quilt.  I love this fabric panel:

I'm still deciding how to quilt it.  I'm not sure if I should meander all over or do some straight line quilting following the border.   I thought about following the state lines in the center but I don't know how that will look on the back.  (The back is the world map panel)  Thoughts?


  1. Your 'spike' case is great. I could hardly get past the picture of the cake. Like your idea of outlining the states. The world won't mind! You should add another button to your reactions: hungry.

  2. Cute tent stake bag! I love camping, too... it has been far too long since I've been!
    Ugh! the Kona Quilt!! I'm totally lagging on getting it done! Ahem. As in...I haven't even started yet! : (
    I bet yours looks awesome! :)

  3. That cake looks amazing! And I love the map quilt....I think I had that panel when my kids were little--it looks very familiar ;-) Maybe crosshatch it? Or meander...but I wouldn't try to follow the states--too uneven and hard! Nice work (I'm still jealous of your zipper talents).... :-)



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