Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Wedding Gift

My uncle was recently reintroduced to his college sweetheart. She looked him up one day out of the blue, they started talking, both happened to be single, and then immediately picked back up where they left off 40 years ago.

So he called me, *ahem* his favorite niece *ahem*, to let me know they were flying out to Vegas to get married.

I woke up one morning with an idea and lots of motivation to make a embroidered pillow as a wedding gift to them. I Facetime'd with my mom all day as she helped me come up with a design and we chatted all day while I sewed. (seriously how awesome is video chat for keeping in contact?)

Since I didn't know what exactly what their future decor will look like, I went with a mix of grays and browns. This is normally a big no-no in my color selection as I never mix blacks with browns EVER. I was a bit concerned when I pulled the fabrics but I just went with it reminding myself that it'll be fine! I also learned I own very few brown prints. My brown phase ended like 6 years ago.

First things first, I embroidered a center block with their name and oh-so-special date. I wanted to use this as a focus. Then I cut out a bunch of triangles and started piecing them together to add a border.

After I had it all assembled I was a bit sad that the middle was too plain. I pushed ahead anyways and finished the pillow. After I finished sewing it all together and adding the brown binding I was still sad about the middle so I finagled it around enough to get the needle back under the center and added a border. Then I picked out the thread and did it again because my dumbass didn't watch close enough and I sewed a small piece of the back to the front.

Here it is before I added the border around the embroidery:

I chose Sublime by  Doohikey Designs in Cream Swirl for the back and added the dark brown border for an accent:

My husband and i were their official chauffeurs for the day. After the wedding at the famous A Little White Chapel, I surprised them with my gift.

I think I even saw my uncle get a bit teary eyed - not that he'd ever admit it. They carried it with them on the plane home and got to tell their story about a 100 more times (my uncle LOVES to talk).

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  1. Lovely pillow and a great love story! I haven't tried face time, yet. It sounds like a fun way to spend time together!



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