Sunday, March 25, 2012


This cute little guy I made on a whim the other day to applique on an upcoming project.

Do you ever get stuck on just a tiny little detail during a project where all it would take is a small insignificant decision to move forward, but instead obsess over it and let it sit for days/weeks/months?

That is my elephant!

My current quilt project needed something.  Didn't know what... just something.  I could have just finished it and moved on, but instead I let it sit for a few months and then one day I woke up and was staring at the pattern on it and poof! - I made the elephant above.  I got back that motivation to move forward on it!

Now I'm moving into an uncharted territory... quilt applique!  I'm not scared of applique, just confused on the the small decision of whether to sew it on to the quilt before sandwiching it and then quilt around it OR sew it on top after the quilting.  I didn't want to lose the elephant by quilting on it or have a huge empty space in the quilting on the back around the elephant. So the project sat again while I internet searched my options for examples until I was sick and tired of thinking about it.  Repeat the same search for a few more days. I couldn't find examples of exactly what I was looking for.  I found many examples of applique on quilts, but nobody is sharing what the back looks like... so I can only assume it's not pretty.

I ended up sewing the elephant on before sandwiching.  I did a small zigzag around the elephant, ran out of bobbin thread just as I was rounding those tail curves, and now the tail looks like someone has been chewing on it.  Will it be noticeable to others?  Probably not as much as it is to me, but that's all I see when I look at it.  I was so upset that I had a mangled tail that I lost my motivation again.

I have pushed myself to move on this weekend.  I sandwiched it and am currently in the quilting process of free-motioning a boxy meandering stitch.  (inspiration from Oh, Fransson!)

(My Sunday night set up)

I'll share more pictures at a later date.  I don't want to chance the recipient seeing the entire quilt before she gets it!


  1. Your elephant is so cute. Love the colors in the quilt. I have to get on my Juki this weekend to quilt one of mine. I sure hope I can build up some confidence by Friday!

  2. obsess so much. But the results are amazing. I hope little Isaac will someday appreciate how much work went into his quilt from Auntie Cola.



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