Saturday, October 22, 2011

Aviary 2 Pendant Quilt

Sadly, this is not my quilt.  This quilt was a gift for my best friend's anniversary from her mother who is amazingly crafty and can do anything and everything!   No joke, she crochets blankets from yarn that she wove herself!  If she sits down for a minute, out pops knitted mittens and socks and probably a scarf too... all while making homemade pies and pasties.  :)

She made this amazing Aviary 2 Pendant Quilt and it's too pretty to not share!  With her permission, here are her photos of her quilt in action!

I also have to mention that her bedroom is amazing and I will probably borrow her to decorate my room... or my whole house.   (In case your wondering, the paint is Dolphin Fin by Behr)

even her cat matches:

just kidding... but she is adorable:


  1. I love that line of fabric!! I really like it with the white!! Beautiful and fun!



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