Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everything But Sewing...

We've been out and about all summer... so here's some cute turtle pictures instead of sewing pictures!

We walked along this beach in Florida which was amazingly hot:

Visited the Loggerhead Marinelife Center where they rehabilitate sea turtles:

His name is Tyrion... and here's his story:

There's more details on his progress on their website.

We were lucky and they had piles of little ones that day!  The water looks disgusting here, but that's only because they were cleaning out their tank.

This was the most adorable thing to watch.

This little one was in the "Turtle ICU"...

he just needed some help swimming until he got stronger.

We also went to an outdoor market somewhere in south Florida.

I was so excited for the watermelons.  Living in Nevada it is very rare that I come across any decent watermelons.  Therefore I picked the biggest one, and I made my husband haul all 30lbs of it back to the car. :)  (I would have totally carried it - as there was zero chance of me leaving the market without it - but he insisted.  Who am I to say no?)

BTW it was amazing!

Then we did a little more camping before it starts getting to cold.  I go crazy-shopping before each camping trip for some reason, so this time we ended up with a 12'x12' Coleman Instant Canopy Tent.

Best purchase ever!  Along with the tent.... and these cute little Coleman LED String Lights that are miniature lanterns:

More sewing stuff to come.

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