Friday, October 28, 2011

LVMGQ Block Swap - Love Quilt

Today is Nevada Day! (We have our own state holiday!) With my free time, I finished three Love Blocks for Zany Quilter.   This was my first block swap ever passed to me.  I unfortunately didn't participate and make my own blocks because A. I missed a few meetings this summer due to vacations, B. I couldn't decide on a block, and C. I was scared.  But I will figure out something and participate in the next one coming up in January.

(I didn't realize until I was halfway through the O's that I screwed up the sew order of two of them. I hope you don't mind?!  It's still an O!)

Here's the package that I got.  Super organized!

Here's my final mess I made:
I love these piles

Check one project off of my list!

I need a new camera.  My iphone takes better quality pictures than my regular camera does now.


  1. Those look great!! Get a kit together for yourself and I'll make some for you next time... ;-) Thanks!

  2. I am glad you made three love blocks, because I only got one of them done! I loved the process, but I ran out of sewing time. You should join the party - it is really fun!

  3. "LOVE" the blocks you did! I'm going to put together my kit for the next meeting. You don't need to wait until January.



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