Monday, November 5, 2012

Cat Nap Pad

My friend is a huge comic book fan.  He's also a gamer who's cat always sits right next to his computer while he's on it.  For his birthday I made him (and his cat) a Cat Nap Pad.

I sandwiched 4 layers of warm and natural quilt batting in between the comic book print and a layer of Minky on the back.  If he wants he can flip it and use the cotton side so its cooler in the summer or use the Minky side so its warmer for the winter.

I went through four needles making this.  I snapped three in the four layers of quilt batting but the last needle survived! I really wanted it to be soft as she's currently laying on a glass table.

I sewed the layers the wrong sides together and flipped it inside out and hand stitched (*gasp*) the opening closed.  I don't remember the measurements but the fabric piece I used was about the size of a fat quarter.

He said as soon as he put the pad down on the table she immediately plopped right now: 

Action shot!

r/aww  :)

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