Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Modern Quilt

My work in progress is complete!

With much inspiration from Film in the Fridge's FMF version of the Swirling Medallion quilt, I made my own Vintage Modern wall hanging.  The swirling medallion quilt pattern can be found in the Quilting Modern book.

As I mentioned before, this quilt was made for the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild's Bonnie and Camille Quilt Challenge. The rules were simply that we can use any B&C fabric and make any quilt we want.

This quilt finished at 34"w x 46"h.  It will make a perfect wall hanging as I slowly replace all the boring brown and beige colors in our home.

The white binding was a suggestion from my husband.  He usually runs out of the room if I ever ask him anything design related... so I'm not sure what prompted his input this time.  It brightens up the quilt - he made a good choice!  I also successfully hand stitched the binding on.  I'm getting much better at it and I love having something to do while watching TV.

I added two stripes to the back along with my standard embroidered name/date stamp.  I love how the quilting is highlighted on the back.

The awesome news is that my quilt won in the 'Best Use of Fabric' category!!  I received a Jelly Roll of Bonnie and Camille's Marmalade! :D


  1. Love it! The quilting looks great and I agree that it's a great use of fabric!



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